Kalene Williams – Author

The product of your dream
is created
in the strength of your desire
the depth of your determination
and the fight you put forth
to capture it.

Kalene Williams

Birth of a Rifter – Book One

Peirce is a beacon of mythical power…

…He just doesn’t know it yet.

A galaxy once engulfed in the flames of war…

…The memory of that tumultuous age slipped into distant legend.

For all but the Gifted – powerful remnants who can alter the natural world in untold ways.

Average becomes extraordinary when Peirce discovers not only can he view distant lands within his mind, he can teleport.

But where did this sleeping power come from?

A mysterious Gifted criminal – who has killed to achieve his goals – may have the answers.

Peirce must decide if the truth is worth finding alongside such a man.

And if he doesn’t use his Gift to help the cause, could he be the next casualty?

Join Peirce on his journey to learn the true nature of his lineage.

…If his awakening Gift doesn’t consume him first.

Four books – One incredible journey

Lingering Shadows – Book Two

Echoes of the past linger like a stain...

…Will his determination to unravel the secrets destroy him before he knows the truth?

Mark of the Divine – Book Three

Gift is power, and the forgotten Oath to the Divine.

If that power doesn’t compel Peirce to be the monster he fears he’s already becoming.

Forgotten Betrayal – Book Four

Legend holds the answers.

But Peirce can’t do it alone




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